Surveillance as low as $85/day

Deter theft and monitor equipment and employees day and night.  Provide surveillance and security by tracking accidents and theft.

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Monitor your site from anywhere

Watch security footage of job sites remotely from the comfort of your own computer, tablet, or phone.

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Easy setup and solar-powered

No need for external cables or additional power sources. Requires almost no setup training. Move this security system easily with little effort.

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Certified DVBE • SBE

Movable Security SystemDetails and Specifications

Learn more about the benefits and features of Gryphon Sentry Systems and how it compares to other movable security systems.Read More >

Uses and ApplicationsWho uses it?

Find out more about who uses movable security sytems and how it could benefit your project or event and save you time and money.Read More >

Instructional VideosSetup in Minutes

Our easy-to-use movable security system can be setup by almost anyone with very little training. See our instructions here.Read More >

Certified DVBE • SBE