Uses and Applications

What are movable security systems used for?

  • Deter theft and provide surveillance and security
  • Record and track accidents or theft
  • Monitor job site equipment and employees day and night
  • Move security system around job site with little effort
  • Provide security with little-to-no setup training for users
  • Provide surveillance almost anywhere since it is independently powered with solar, batteries, and propane, and there is no need for external cables or power source
  • Assess sites and survey for safety


Who Uses the Gryphon Sentry movable security system?


  • Monitor construction site for theft and/or trespassers.
  • Record job site accidents

Law Enforcement

  • Record perpetrators to expedite apprehension
  • Monitor crowds of people during public events (i.e. marathons, parades)


  • Monitor multiple sites at once by one person using multiple systems

Temporary Facilities

  • Provide surveillance at a temporary site
  • Monitor equipment and staff