Customizable Options

We provide the base model of Gryphon Sentry movable security system with custom accessories that you can choose to add on for your specific project needs.



Capture the video footage you need to protect your company’s assets. The Gryphon Sentry surveillance feature can be customized to any preference. With the right combination of Fixed and PTZ cameras, this solution can be effective in observing any secured perimeter

Solar Panel

This component allows for the battery system to be recharged for sustained optimal performance at night.


The choice of the battery is key to sustaining power to your customized mobile surveillance unit. Adding longer power capacity to your Gryphon Sentry unit ensures performance especially during low lighting conditions.

LED lights

LED Lights

Effective lighting can help enhance your security area or illuminate your project area.  Improvements to your lighting can also provide a brighter area without sacrificing power consumption. Ask about our customized lighting feature for your Gryphon Sentry for that extra light source when it’s most needed.

Telescopic Crank Mast

A telescopic crank mast can enhance the Gryphon Sentry surveillance line-of-sight to ensure proper observation of the designated perimeter. Built for communications, surveillance & lighting, this mast system can be adjusted to a preferred height for optimal performance.


Adding a speaker option to your Gryphon Sentry can enable an effective mass notification system to cover a designated area. This also allows capability of implementing a two-way communication feature to the unit allowing instant communication between the mobile user and subject within range of your Gryphon Sentry.


The propane tank is an included feature on the basic Gryphon Sentry system that acts as an additional power source utilized for extreme circumstances. As an environmentally friendly fuel alternative with zero carbon emissions, a larger propane tank omits the need for refueling while sustaining power in the event of a battery recharge.



Stabilizers help your Gryphon Sentry stay grounded in the event of high winds or severe weather.
Features include an ergonomically-designed smooth Sidewind handle for easy cranking with an Integrated footplate base up to a 15″ lift or drop, depending on the terrain.



The Gryphon Sentry can be customized with a point-point or cellular network for enhanced communications to your movable surveillance unit. Built-in for remote access, this features is capable of allowing the user to control a variety of customizable options from a mobile device or computer.

Ruggedized Structure Enhancements

In the event of year-round, extreme, weather conditions, this feature will ensure extra protection to your Gryphon Sentry without sacrificing its performance. Specialized enclosures may be requested for your mobile unit to guarantee its performance under extreme weather conditions.

extra configuration support

Extra Configuration Support

The proper maintenance by one of our Gryphon Sentry Systems technicians will ensure long-term performance of your movable security system. This feature is available in different plans and recommended for hassle-free maintenance and diagnosis of your mobile unit.